We will provide you with the best hangers in the world from a very special ally (experienced since 1915) with whom we have worked in China for over 15 years.

This important manufcturing concern with 99 years of experience and keeps extensive inventory of more than one million boards / feet of wood (Maple, beech, birch and alder) to ensure you with possible lead times. All timber are classified from renewable timber certified companies with established environmental considerations.

We customize for you any design you require, any finish (any natural wood grain and coloring), many types of varnish (Glosy or matte), or painted in rainbow colors and mettalic finishes.
In addition hooks, clips and other metals can be silver (chrome), brushed or gold.

The hook may have special grooves for clothing strips and anti-slip shoulders or horizontal bars (slipguard, shoulder claws, non-slip-implants, foam shoulder straps, spiral strip foams).

And finally, you can customize your hook with Pad-Printing, Laser Engraving and Metal Logo Plates.

Choose from a dozen standard luxury models plus a dozen standard suit and jacket models, shirt, dress, children’s and children’s, and ligerie models intimately.

Simply provide us with your design and specifications and we will quickly duplicate or send you the various graphics options for your brand identification.