Slipper P-Royal closed-toe, white, 4mm, size 29.5cm

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Exclusively for Hotels & Hospitality Industry

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P-Royal closed-toe, 4mm EVA sole with cardboard, slipper color white, size 29.5cm. NEUTRAL

This exclusive slipper model, made of poly-velour, with a 4mm EVA sole, is a high-class slipper, suitable for carpeted areas and other floor types, for general use in rooms and bathrooms and because of its robust EVA sole can be worn in damp areas and in light terrain outside. This lovely hotel slipper model can be open-or -closed-toe and, upon request. Here made in a standard size of 29.5 cm for the larger foot. This slipper can be personalized with a logo in one or more colors, colored, made with a colored border, made in different sizes to the standard size. This deluxe, good-looking, exclusive slipper is the perfect addition to a luxury room.