Slipper P-Royal light closed-toe, white, 4mm, 30.5cm

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Exclusively for Hotels & Hospitality Industry

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P-Royal light closed-toe, 4mm EVA sole with cardboard, slipper color white, size 30.5cm, with non woven dot-cloth sole. NEUTRAL

This exclusive slipper model, made of poly-velour, with a 4mm EVA sole, is a high-class slipper, suitable for carpeted areas and other floor types, for general use in rooms. It is a lighter and larger version of our C-Royal model, especially suited to a larger or man`s size foot. This fine hotel slipper model can be open-or -closed-toe and, upon request, can be personalized with a logo in one or more colors, colored, made with a colored border, made in different sizes to the standard size. This first-rate, good-looking, exclusive slipper is the perfect addition to a luxury room.